Thursday, July 21, 2011

The best gift from Allah S.W.T is My Mom!

salam my beloved friends :)

The best gifts from Allah S.W.T to Mohd Erzuan bin Erman, Nur Erviena bt Erman & Nur Erleen bt Erman is our Mother,
Puan Noridah Osman :)

Mak, you mean the world to us,

Mak, you do everything to us,


You always there when WE need you the most.

Abah, Abg, Ena & Adik we proudly to have you as a lovely wife & mother.
May Allah bless you & I do think Allah has blessed you in various ways.
we love so so so much!

the best things to do with my mom : SHOPPING :)

love & hugs, vna erman :) 


saharinasaharudin said...

happy befday to ur mum :)

me r.j said...

happy birthday untuk mak vna ... :) lalalalalalalala

.vna erman. said...

TQ girls :)