Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Battle for Sofina 2.1


Walaupun Vna dah kurang update blog, because there no special day/story to be shared tak bermakna Vna lenyap selamanya dari dunia blogging. Nope. Never ever. Vna still check update orang lain dan salah seorang blogger yang memang Vna akan baca each entry dia sudah semestinya my forever favorite fashion inspired Vivy Yusof. Btw, both of us was born on 11 December with different year. Vivy was pretty & stylish however Vna was hurmmmmm....ibarat enggang dan pipit :(

One day I read this entry: only for you and as usual Vivy was pretty awesome ever! Tetapi yang extra menariknya about this entry ialah Vivy announce that Sofina 2.1 will be restock plus with new colour and this is the FINALE! 

you haven't heard about #sofina21 phenomena?
oh my where on earth you are living?
did you know that #sofina21 was sold out within 5 minutes where all the girls are fighting insanely?

Vna tak sure berapa kali Sofina 2.1 dah restocked. But this time I don't care I HAVE to grab it. I really love this bag so badly. Siap sanggup search anyone nak let go their previous sofina since this bag was limited edition. Malam sebelum launch Vna tak lena tidur. Adik Vna siap menyampah dengar Vna keep repeating 

"Lynnnn akak risau ahhh tak dapat beli sofina esok"
"Lynnn ko doalah akak dapat beli"
"Lynnn kalau tak dpt beli, kira takde rezeki lah kan?"

And the day has come. Pukul 9 pagi dah on laptop bukak website FV duduk situ diam-diam. Untuk kali ni FV gave special preview for their newsletter subscribes which is pukul 10 those yang subscribe FV newsletter dapat purchase dulu, where as pukul 11 baru bukak dekat public (if there any left).
So tepat pukol 10 those subscribes akan received this dekat email masing-masing. 

Vna yang masa tuh dah memang stand by dah depan laptop dah siap-siap bukak website FV all of sudden website tak dapat bukak. Asyik unavailable. There you are the girls started the battel for Sofina 2.1
Masa tuh button refresh terus officially jadi bestfriend. Memang asal click nak proceed the payment kalimah bismillah tak lengkang di bibir. And alhamdulillah rezeki berpihak kepada Vna. I manage to grab this one girls:

all photos credit to: Sometime by Asian Designer

Taraaaa, this is the official day I started to use my bright pretty yellow Sofina 2.1
Thank you to my sister as photographer-kena-paksa on that day!

much love, vna erman :)


RitH said...

huhuuhu dah out of stock...
tau tak ade jual kt mane lagi huhuhu nak beli jgk hehehehe
cantek sgt

Vna Erman said...

@RiTH : hye awak follow IG fashionvalet. Diorang nak restock soon! Don't miss out!